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ABT offers the most effective components for foundations. Foundation Repair


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House FoundationServing Green Bay, Appleton, Neenah, Oshkosh Wausau, Woodruff, Weston, Manitowoc, St Germain, and many more areas in Wisconsin!
Considering that your home is the most expensive investment that many will make in a lifetime, and that homes are built on a variety of soil types, choosing the correct foundation repair company is an important decision. ABT offers foundation repair services which are in accordance with the WAFRP standards, which holds all members accountable for foundation repair methods, along with the contractors expertise for making safe repairs.

If your basement wall is pushing in, bowing, and or cracking, it’s time to have the foundation experts at ABT inspect it. With our Free Foundation Repair Estimate and Inspection Program, we will provide you with an honest opinion on the condition of your basement wall based on years of experience and knowledge. If foundation repairs are needed, we will provide you with a free and written estimate. If repairs are not needed, we'll let you know that also!

To repair a foundation wall that is cracked, bowing, and/or pushing in, you need the correct method for northeastern Wisconsin’s soil type. The soil type which we have in this region causes many problems for our foundation walls. Add to that our Wisconsin weather with rain and snow and cycles of freezing and melting, and you've got a recipe for basement wall problems.

With ABT, you get the appropriate method used the first time to repair your basement wall. We are members of the WAFRP, Wisconsin Association of Foundation Repair Professionals. This association has worked with independent engineers to study soil conditions right here in Wisconsin and prescribe the best techniques available for repairing home foundations in this area.

ABT has now expanded our service area for all Foundation Repair services to all of Madison, WI! Our new service area include Madison, Alto, Baraboo, Mt Horeb, Waunakee, Stoughton, Portage, Fitchburg, Monona, Menomonee Falls, Janesville, Monroe, Brodhead, Beloit, Sun Prarie, and Tomah. We look forward to helping you!

Foundation Cracks

There are many different types of foundation cracks and the proper technique to repair them is dependent upon the type of crack. To have your foundation cracks repaired, they must first be analyzed by ABT. Once we have examined the wall cracks, we will be able to appropriately repair them with a long-lasting solution.

Home FoundationCauses of Foundation Problems

Evaporation: Hot and dry conditions have the potential to cause soil to pull away from the foundation. Foundation settlement because of this foundation moisture imbalance might cause cracks to show up throughout the structure.

Transpiration: Tree roots might dehydrate the soil underneath a home, causing soil shrinkage.

Plumbing Leaks: Water from leaking plumbing could be a major contributor to foundation problems, including heaving.

Drainage: Incorrect drainage has the potential to lead to excess moisture build up, which could erode or consolidate soils. Excessive moisture may cause heaving of expansive soils.

Site Preparation: Cut and fill situations, where soil is excavated from part of the building site and stacked on another, requires proper soil stabilization before a structure is built; otherwise unexpected movements of the soil underneath the foundation may occur.


Foundation Piers

Foundation Repair

ABT provides a variety of foundation piers for foundation repair projects. We offer steel piers, helical piers, and hydraulic lift slab piers. Please visit our Foundation Piers page to learn about the types and styles used to repair foundations.

Sinking Foundation

If you have noticed that your floor or walls seem to be sagging or drooping, you may have a sinking foundation which needs to be repaired immediately. If left untreated, a sinking foundation could jeopardize the structural integrity of your entire home.

To repair a sinking foundation, the experts at ABT offer helical piers for stabilizing and strengthening the foundation.

Settling Foundation

If your home has interior or exterior wall cracks, doors and windows that won't shut or open properly, bowing basement walls, tilted chimneys, and so on, then you may have a settling foundation. Foundation settlement may be a result of expansive clay soils underneath the home. These soils soak up moisture and cause the earth to shift around and, in turn, it causes your foundation to move around as well.

To repair settling foundations, we utilize steel piers and helical piers. They are effective at fixing foundation settlement problems.

To learn more about foundation repair, please contact us for a Free Estimate.

Realtor and Home Inspector Program

ABT offers a specialized Free Home Inspection Program to assist your clients. ABT will provide a written estimate to both you and your client detailing foundation repair costs, and procedures needed.

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