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Whenever your basement wall is buckling or bowing on the inside, you've got an excessive amount of pressure outside of the house and you may be in need of basement wall braces. This might be due to saturated clay soil, which swells and places stress on the wall structure. Less than perfect downspout lines are another common cause for this issue as well, or the incline of the ground around your foundation might be leading water to the area next to the wall.

The freeze-thaw cycle during the winter in Wisconsin may also trigger buckled walls. This is typically within the upper area of the wall opposite of the bottom of the winter soil freeze depth on the outside. Rain will likely saturate the soil, which in turn gets frozen in cold conditions with the ice expanding and placing stress up against the wall structure. Whenever this occurs time and time again over the course of years, even though the movement each and every time is minimal, the build-up can easily buckle the wall.

Basement Wall Supports

Bowed basement walls are occasionally brought on by settling. This can easily be fixed using basement wall supports. If the wall is next to an outdoor patio or walkway or driveway, you should think about the outdoor patio, walkway, or driveway where it touches the wall structure. Search for a line of older concrete running across where it was initially poured at an inch or two over the current surface. If you notice the old line, gravity has pulled the concrete straight down, bulging out the earth underneath into the wall. The earth beneath the slab grows similar to a water balloon, against the wall, pushing it in. When the destruction isn't too major, wall braces might be enough to support the wall and help it get back to its original state.

Bowed Wall Causes

Plate AnchorsThe most popular cause of a bowing or leaning foundation wall is too much lateral pressure on the exterior. When the pressure gets to be too much for the wall to face up against, it starts to bow, crack, or even break.

The most common causes of wall failure are usually a result of the following:

  • Expansive clay soils expand and contract as the moisture levels in the soil changes
  • Hydrostatic pressure - a build-up of water in the soil surrounding the foundation wall which is applying pressure on the wall
  • Frost might also lead to wall failure as the ground against the wall freezes and applies pressure


Basement Wall Repair


Your house, being your greatest investment, demands a great deal of attention and timely basement wall repair whenever you notice any wall cracks, bowing, or other problems. Problems relating to your home's basement walls shouldn't be overlooked. Quick action needs to take place to fix the bowed or cracked basement walls and to strengthen your foundation.

To learn more about basement wall braces, please contact us ASAP! Ignoring basement wall problems isn't something you should ever do! If left untreated, the problem is only going to get worse.

For a free estimate, you may fill out our online estimate form, as well!

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